Komodo Trekking Tours

Trekking is a long journey made on foot in places that are usually hard and cannot be crossed with transportation. In addition, in the uncharted, challenging environment, such as hills, valleys, rivers, forests, or maybe even a mountain.

On the island of Komodo, it does indeed now have prepared a special area to do trekking. Supplied with four types of tracks, namely the short track, long tracks,Medium and Adventure Trek. For short tracks rarely traveled as far as 1 km, medium trek 1.5 km, long track 2 km away, and the last tracks is about 7-8 km. Before tourists begin trekking, they must obey the Komodo National Park instructions and necessarily has to be self-conscious about the physical ability to do trekking.

Komodo Trekking Tours

In Short Track, there are many climbs and only a little bit of a challenge to get through. If the Medium track, there are around three small hills and many more challenges. In Long track, more hills and much more challenging. While on Adventure Trek, you will walk into the forest, passing through the bamboo forest, to an extreme line. The opportunity is most good to see komodo dragons, is from Medium tracks to Adventure trek. One spot, which is located not far from the entrance, is a puddle of water. This is where you can see many komodo dragons and take pictures with the Komodo dragon.

However, those who want Adventure Trek, sure it is more extreme. Trekking trails are also available with comfortable and equipped with many of the Board’s instructions. The Board also noted the warning as written ‘ Keep Silent ‘. Either from Short Track to Adventure Trek, visitors are strongly encouraged to accompanied by a ranger. It is prohibited to walk on its own, it is forbidden to create a rowdy, and forbidden to move unexpectedly. Remember, the Komodo dragon is essentially the wild animals. Komodo National Park whatsoever keeping wild nature of the Ancient Dragon. For local tourists prepare cost about IDR 40,000 for trekking on the island of Komodo, it does not include the cost of the service. It is strongly recommended to select a track where appropriate the ability of you and congratulations seen from near the Komodo dragon.


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