Beyond Komodo


Tour to the island of komo is one of the highly recommended tour if you go on a trip in Indonesia. Komodo Island tour includes trips to the islands of Rinca and Komodo Island, also a second area is also famous as the original habitat of the Komodo Dragon and also comes with a very natural beauty pamper the eye either on land or in the sea floor.


Beyond the komodo Dragon are also now being focused to the learning or the giving info to you to be more familiar with the largest lizards in the world. In addition to adding insight you guys about the komodo dragon, you will also be invited to dive in the sea and rivers around komodo island for more acquainted with trumbu coral and fish that exist in the sea and a river on the island of komodo.



Besides komodo also beyond invites you to enjoy a variety of natural beauty that exists on the island of komodo. Starting from enjoying the beautiful natural charm and breathtaking beauty of white sand, coral decorated as well as sea waves on the beach. The water is so clear and blue and the Sun which warms the coast. In this island is also da beach with sand-colored pink too, loh! Well, for travelers who want to experience the sensation of being, and want to feel sensation in the middle of the forest and the savanna grassland? Here its broad grassland savanna reaches 70% of the entire national park. Different types of grasses grow lush in there. Well for bawahlautnya komodo island also has a beautiful wonderful wonderful. In Komodo National Park also keeps a very enchanting beauty, namely the beauty under the sea. You can dive and enjoy the beauty of hundreds of species of coral, seaweed trumbu, dozens of kinds of sponges, green turtles, thousands of species of fish including sharks, stingrays, whale, and Dolphin – also dolphins. And because it is located in the transition zone of the Wallacea line, make this area very beautiful. This area is formed from the confluence of two continents, namely Asia and Australia, which then form a row of unique island with a volcano. By karenaitu in addition, the island is are met by the komodo but also filled with birds and animals from the two continents. A great many kinds of flora and fauna that live in Komodo National Park. Here there are 254 types of flora that originated in Asia and Australia, 128 species of birds, and 58 other types of fauna.

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